24Option Binary Option Broker Review

Here is the review of 24Option, a CFD Forex trading broker. 24Option is a true pioneer in the industry and a honest broker with very good reputation. In our opinion it’s one of the best brokers in the market. 

Quick Overview

  • Minimum deposit: $100
  • Minimum Trade Amount: $24
  • Profit Rates: 85%-310%
  • Option refund if out of money: 0%
  • Traders from USA: Not Allowed
  • Deposit methods: VISA, Masters, VISA Electron, Skrill, Webmoney, Astropay, Giropay and more…

About 24Option

24option (www.24option.com) is your home for binary option trading. 24option is an industry leader and a regulated broker which gives its traders the most used tools and the best strategies required to succeed in this business. With 24Option you can trade the most profitable assets which are available on the market. Additionally, 24Option gives something which others do not represent to their traders, and that is education in in the binary option business. In the education center you can find out many useful information that will improve your trading skills.

Why are binary options so profitable? Well there are actually a number of reasons for that. Firstly, it allows you to earn more because you are not buying the asset, you are merely investing in it and making a prediction about the future price of that asset. The risk is also minimal, you cannot lose more than you have invested. You can control your risk because the price you have invested is the maximum amount which you can lose and cannot go further than that. But on the other hand, your earnings can reach much higher numbers and by trading with binary options you stand to earn much more with lesser risks.

The 24Option platform allows you to earn more in less time. It gives you a limit of $100K per trade and a mind-blowing percentage income of up to 89%. It also gives you a multitude of different assets on which you can place your money on. More assets means more options, and more options means finding yourself in a particular field where you are good at where your profits can reach higher stages.

The technology used in the 24Option platform is state if the art. This means that your trades will be more than safe. The asset price is accurate and the time elapsed is up to a T as well. The technology used means that this platform is a safe heaven, so to say, to traders who want to participate in a professional trade with all the conveniences and accurate description about the trade given to them.

Other binary option brokers may promise high payouts and low risks as well, but it is only with 24Option with whom you will get the true experience of trading with binary options as well.

Is 24Option a Scam Broker?

No, they are not. 24Option is one of the first brokers, they are is in the market for long time. Your deposit will never disappear and you’ll always be able to withdraw your money.

Is 24Option Regulated?

Yes, they are. 24Option is regulated by the CySec in Cyprus.

24Option Withdrawal

The amount you can withdraw is not limited with 24options. If you want you can withdraw all the money you have in your account. It usually takes from 1 to 5 days for withdraw transaction to be completed.

24 option offers:

Real Market Price = No Fees or Commissions

Other platforms usually offer their own versions of the market price set by the brokers. The thing that 24Option gives you is to trade with real live market prices of the assets. Real financial information is open to you day or night and it is achieved by using the Morningstar system which gives our users risk free and accurate market prices at all times.

Higher limits = Higher Profits

24Option offers a limit of $20.000 per trade. This is one of the highest limits in the world offered and it is important because it allows for maximum profit in short periods of time. This limit will actually help you profit rather than allow you to earn money, which is considered a great advantage of this platform.

Highest Payout

24 options also has the highest percentage offered by the brokers. The highest given percent offered can rise up to 89%. Higher percentage equals higher payouts and that is what our customers strive for. The only thing that you need to do is find your desirable asset and choose correctly and you will be earning an easy 89% out of your trade.

Trade wherever, whenever!

The 24Option platform allows you move ability. This means that you can access and do your trades no matter wherever or whenever you are. Easy and quick access is provided to you and any portable device can be used to do so. Follow your trades via your phone, laptop, tablet or any other portable device with internet access. You also have the opportunity to make money regardless of where you are located. You can do so with a cup of coffee in your favorite café or in the warmth and the privacy of your home as well.

With 24Option you can trade:


  • Gold
  • Silver
  • OIL


  • Euro-Dollar: EUR/USD
  • Pound-Dollar: GBP/USD
  • Euro-Japanese Yen: EUR/JPY
  • Dollar-Japanese Yen: USD/JPY
  • Pound-Japanese Yen: GBP/JPY
  • Pound-Euro: GBP/EUR
  • Euro-Pound: EUR/GBP
  • Australian Dollar-USD: AUD/USD
  • USD-Canadian Dollar: USD/CAD
  • Euro-Turkish Lira: EUR/TRY
  • Swiss Franc – American Dollar: USD/CHF
  • American Dollar – New Turkish Lira: USD/TRY


  • Vodafone
  • Barclays
  • PLC
  • British Petroleum PLC (BP)
  • Google Inc.
  • Apple Inc.Lloyds
  • Telefonica SA


  • Dow Jones
  • FTSE-100
  • Nasdaq Composite
  • IBEX- 35
  • CAC 40 Future
  • S&P 500
  • DAX-30
  • Nikkei 225

Video Center

In 24Option’s video center you can also find some very useful tips and secrets of the trade by watching our video library. The video center grants you access of an extensive record keeping library which has useful videos about guides, plays, tactics and overall tips on how to up your game. You can learn a lot more via 24Option’s video library and be able to better yourself in terms of binary option trading and win more in the future.

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