Binary Option Robot for Beginners

It is a know fact that 90% of all new binary option traders are using a binary option robot.

Choosing The Right Binary Option Robot

Here is a checklist of questions to ask yourself when comparing and researching with binary option robot is the right one for you.

  1. Does the robot let me choose which broker to use, or is it limited to one broker?
  2. Does the robot make unrealistic promises of overnight riches?
  3. Can I adjusted the setting of the robot?
  4. Do I need to make a deposit before seeing the features of the robot?
  5. Does have a positive review of the broker?

The Real Results of a Binary Option Robot

When discussing the results of a binary option robot we are going to use examples from Binary Options Robot.

We use the Binary Option Robot because they are the most transparent automated trading robot, who does not hide “bad results”, and there is a good reason for that.

When we opened our dashboard be are presented with a whole lot of choices.Binary Option Robot Reverse Trading

  1. Select Assets to Trade
  2. Risk Level (4 options)
  3. Signal Providers (5 choices)
  4. Daily, Weekly or Monthly Expiration
  5. Daily Stop Loss
  6. Trade Amount
  7. Max Daily Trades
  8. Reverse Trading

Because the trader we can select the Risk Level, and the Signal Provider, there are over 100 scenarios of results!

For example

You and your friend both open up an account with the Binary Option Robot and both select to use the broker 24Option.

He selects: Trade All Assets > Pro Trader Michael > Risk Level Low.

You select: Trade All Assets > Pro Trader Liberty > Risk Level Low.

He ends up making 20% returns in the first month, and you lose 80% in the same month.

Reverse Trading

The people that developed of the software at Binary Options Robot knew that there is no such thing as 90% accuracy with binary option trading signals. So instead of creating a one size fits all solution, they focused on giving traders the ability to customize the software.

So when we look at the various trade results of different signal sources and different risk levels, seeing a page of “losing trades” is actually great for Reverse Trading!

The only problem is that they “reverse trading” setting applies to entire broker. So if you want to reverse trade Pro Trader Michael and Risk Level Low, then do not activate Pro Trader Liberty also, unless Pro Trader Liberty also has a lot of trades that show “loss”.

Binary Option Robot Exclusive

Scam Binary Option Robots

There are two types of binary option robots.

  1. The ones you received a spam email about, or saw a video about.
  2. The ones that are real companies.

The scam robot works like this:

They send out millions of emails with subjects like; “Collect your earnings today”, “You Will Retire A Millionaire”, “I just sent $55,000 USD to your account”.

When you open the link in the email you are taken to a website showing a professionally made video about an amazing software that will make you money over night.

Once you enter your email address, they take you to the next page with another video showing fake testimonials from people who claim to have made millions using the software.

The scam robot tells you to enter your name, email, phone number, and password. This is to connect you with their “preferred broker”. Most of the time, the broker they connect you with is an unlicensed offshore scam.